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Good day to all of you!

I have pleasure in greeting you on our webpage of Russian Diamond Siberian cat cattery (including Neva Masquerade cats). Why our cattery holds such a name? Siberian cat can be considered as Russian national property. These cats were on probation by nature, unsettled livelihood but all this just made them strong and unpretentious. And in the long run Siberian cat made friends with Man and this friendship and mutual love has been lasting for many years. All this has reflected genetically on our lovely Siberians. It is aboriginal breed of large, powerful and healthy cats. They are also super mouse- and rat-catchers as well as hunters for butterflies and birds. Even being adults Siberians keep desire to hunter and play. Nevertheless, in spite of their severe appearance Siberian cat is very wise, patient and unobtrusive. It is one of the few breeds that keep patience to small children. I was born in Siberia and since my childhood in my mind the type of a large fluffy cat with wide forehead and strong skeleton has been formed. As a child I always begged my parents to buy a fluffy kitten. And they bought a kitten though such kittens could be taken directly from the streets – there were a lot of Siberians in Siberia. A lot of years have passed and I again made a decision to bring a cat at home. Of course, all these years I remembered Siberians…

And in our house Murysia, our foundation cat, has appeared. I did not want to sterilize her and kept her for breeding. First of all we found for paring typical Siberians. Very nice kittens were born and they were given to our relatives and friends. And after appearance of our Neva Masquerade cat Umka (Neva Masquerade cats are also related to Siberians, these are cats of color point (i.e. Siamese colour) I made up my mind to become a breeder of Siberians. We began to take part in WCF cat shows and just a little time ago we registered our cattery Russian Diamond (WCF). For further info you can contact me by e-mail. I can speak English.

If you are interested in our kittens please feel free to contact me.

With kind regards, Inna


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Russia, Moscow

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